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The IAQ Solution for Schools

Germicidal UV-C Light is now widely used in healthcare, K-12, and higher education facilities to maintain a healthy indoor environment by preventing the spread of airborne infectious diseases, mold, and other pathogens. UV-C technology is a greener, more cost-effective, alternative to chemical disinfection.

UV light has been proven to kill 90% on microbial contaminants after 10 min of exposure and 99% after 1 hr. UV-C light combined with APCO® cells neutralizes odors and toxic VOCs.

Benefits of UV-C light HVAC disinfection:

  • Keeps coil free of mold & microbial growth - No more coil cleaning!
  • Extends life of HVAC system
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy savings & reduced maintenance costs
  • Neutralize odors & toxic VOCs (APCO)
  • Chemical-free disinfection
  • No harmful ozone

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